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    Chartered Physiotherapists

    for people and animals


    We treat you & your animal as one of the family. We aim to work with you & your horse or dog for optimum performance.

  • Who We Are

    * Independent practice in Shrewsbury, Warwickshire and Banbury.

    * Animal sessions can be claimed on insurance

    * All our physiotherapists have completed at least 5 years of study


    * We are regulated & insured through ACPAT, the CSP, HCPC & RAMP.


    Hannah Adney is the lead consultant physiotherapist & owner of Combined Physio.

  • Physio for dogs/ cats & small furries

    Call us now on 0129 536 7099

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    Physiotherapy modalities

    • Massage/ manipulation
    • Laser therapy
    • Exercise therapy
    • Neuro muscular electrical stimulation (NMES)
    • Transcutaneous electrical neuro stimulation (TENS)
    • Hydrotherapy

    We can help with:

    • Arthritis & dysplasia.
    • Injury & post operatively
    • Spinal injury, stroke, degenerative neuropathy.
    • Muscular dysfunction
    • Cruciate damage

    Is your animal lame or upset when you touch them? Is your pet finding it difficult to climb steps, jump, sit, lie, roll over or stand on its hind legs? Does your animal appear to lose balance/ look drunk when moving?


    Price- £66 initial session, £60 follow up full session lasting 45mins & £51 for short follow up sessions.

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    Hydrotherapy at Banbury

    We offer under water treadmill hydrotherapy at our Banbury clinic.

    *Included in your physiotherapy sessions if appropriate.


    Click here for a recent review!

  • Physio for horses

    Contact us for more information on 0129 536 7099

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    Some indications of pain include:

    • grumpy about tack being put on
    • bucking/ rearing
    • not going forward
    • going disunited at canter
    • refusing/ knocking fences

    Physio can help resolve pain and performance issues.


    Do you think your horse deserves a check up so you can make sure they can continue to do the work you ask comfortably?


    Do you need physio for your horse after injury?

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    Physiotherapy modalities used:

    • Massage and joint manipulation
    • Acupressure
    • Low level laser therapy including laser acupuncture
    • Stretches and stabilising work
    • Exercises and advice for you to treat your horse yourself
    • Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
    • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

    We provide a rehabilitation plan to provide the best possible care from early box rest right through to being ridden and competed.
    We also offer in-patient rehabilitation and physiotherapy at Atcham, Shropshire.


    We work closely with your vet, saddler, farrier and instructor if required to ensure your horse is treated holistically.


    Sessions last 1-1.5 hrs at £78 for initial assessment, £72 for follow ups.

    Travel costs: 50p per mile

  • Physio for people

    Contact us for more information on 0129 536 7099 or email at admin@combinedphysio.co.uk

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    We treat a wide range of issues from sports injuries to chronic pain conditions. We offer manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy and electrotherapy.

    We run clinics for our people clients in Atcham, Shrewsbury at £53 a session.

    Please call us on 0129 536 7099 to discuss home visits.


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        Horse/Rider Transformation Package

        Perfect for those wanting to transform their horse/rider partnership so its stronger, healthier and fitter.


        How much is your riding affecting your horse or your horse affecting you? We can provide you with all the tools and treatment to get you both right.


        Are you returning to riding after having a baby? After injury? After time out? This may be for you.


        - Price: £450 package of 4 sessions


        What this involves:

        • Assessing you and your horse ridden and separately.
        • Any necessary hands on treatment to both. This may include massage, manipulation, laser therapy or acupuncture.
        • A report detailing recommendations and a strength and conditioning program.
        • 1:1 support throughout the package and communication with your vet, trainer, saddle fitter and vet if necessary.
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        Hannah offers clinical placements to master's level students from Hartpury & Liverpool Universities.


        What is on offer:

        • Small & large animal mix
        • Yard & clinic time with canine hydrotherapy
        • 1:1 & group placements available
        • Available in Shropshire without hydrotherapy and Warwickshire with.
        • Contact with vets, farriers, saddle fitters, vet nurses.
      • Meet the team

        Contact us for more information on 0129 536 7099 or email at admin@combinedphysio.co.uk

        Hannah Adney nee Oliver-Byrne

        Managing Director and Principal Physiotherapist

        Mary Cloake

        Administrative Manager




        Elizabeth Crickmore





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